Wild Rose Honey


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Wild Rose Honey is produced here on our working farm in Hoggeston, Buckinghamshire. The honey bees can forage the farmland as well as the cutting garden collecting a wide variety of pollen which gives the honey a really delicious flavour.

Rosie’s grandfather kept bees and so did her mother, so she is following in their footsteps using her grandfather George’s traditional WBC hives. The first hive of bees were introduced to the farm in 2019,  the art of keeping bees has been a steep learning curve for Rosie, she finds them fascinating  industrious creatures and does take great care to ensure they are well looked after but with a more ‘hands off’ approach,  only intervening when absolutely necessary.

Rosie now does all the beekeeping herself after a couple of years of guidance from another local beekeeper.  So all the honey is collected, spun and jarred up by Rosie.

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Wild Rose Honey is produced on our working farm in Hoggeston, Buckinghamshire.

The bees are busy foraging our flower gardens and farmland collecting pollen to make a delicious local Buckinghamshire honey.

454g /1lb

Produce of England.

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