Flower Arranger’s Buckets


  • Non-subscription
  • Bring the garden into your home or business with a freshly picked mix of the best flowers and foliage from our cutting garden for you to arrange yourself.  
  • Picking the best flowers from our cutting garden prior to collection, for you to arrange yourself, maybe adding some from your garden too.
  • We will contact you to confirm a collection date from the farm.


  • Each large bucket of flowers and foliage will be enough for two to three arrangements.

  • Each medium bucket of flowers and foliage will be enough for one large arrangement or two smaller ones.

  • We can curate the mix to suit your tastes if requested – just direct us on your favourite colour palette and we will do the rest.

  • April to October

Care Instructions
How to get the best from your cut flowers:

  • Keep your flowers in clean fresh water and refresh every few days
  • Keep out of direct light and away from heat sources and ripening fruit
  • Do not mix old and new flowers

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