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The Farm

flower garden

Rosie’s desire to follow a passion in horticulture whilst supporting her partner Steve on the family working farm was really the inspiration behind Wild Rose Flower Company. Growing beautiful, scented British flowers on the farm seemed a logical step to finding a sustainable, local business whilst offering something refreshing and new to the community, 

sweet peas



Succulents came into Rosie’s life about 5 years ago and she became besotted! Having amassed a collection, Rosie started working with them, creating quirky succulent planters using second hand and vintage containers mixed in with modern ones. These plants are so varied and fascinating in shape and colour they offer fantastic architectural forms for creating these indoor and outdoor planters.

Sustainable Living


British cut flowers and succulents are a move towards more sustainable living. Locally grown cut flowers have a tiny carbon footprint compared with imported flowers which are transported considerable distances. Imported flowers are often sprayed with chemicals to extend vase life given they are travelling long distances before reaching the consumer. In large scale production in poorer countries, valuable water resources are reduced which has a detrimental effect on local communities relying on these supplies for their small holdings.

Succulents are plants which are low maintenance and in most cases slow growing. Ideally suited to modern living and a great way to introduce young children to the pleasure of looking after and nurturing something living.